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Hurricane GS Set-Up


Revised 12.19.2017


Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring you to the winner’s circle.

The Hurricane GS is race proven and this is the set-up that has worked well for us and is what we recommend. 

Please read all of the instructions before starting any assembly.


Engine placement: Measuring from the inside of the transom to the center of the carburetor on a Zenoah, RCMK S254 or Tiger King, mount the engine at 26 ¾’’ and as low in the hull as possible. Recommended mounts are the Hyper-Torque STD style. I recommend 105* Header paired with user preferred tuned pipe.


Fuel Tank/IV Bag placement: Mount the Fuel Tank or IV Bag in front of the motor as far forward as possible.


Strut placement: I recommend using the Speedmaster VM-4 Strut – Hydro/Flat. Mount the strut directly in the middle of the transom. Mount as low as possible. 

Rudder Placement: I recommend using the Speedmaster 4” XTD 60 Dual Rudder Assy.  Draw a vertical line on the transom at the middle of the hull. Measure 2 ½” to the right and draw a second line. This becomes the rudder centerline. Mount as low as possible. 

Turn Fin: I recommend using the Speedmaster Sport Hydro Turn Fin. Mount the bracket at 90 degrees to the sponson bottom, ¼” to ½” up. Make sure fin outside edge does not go past the sponson chine.

Radio Box: Mount Radio box 1-2” behind bulkhead. Standard size servos work fine. I use Hitec HS-645MG for steering and HS-311 for throttle.

Let’s get it all trimmed up now….
Trim boat as with any Sport Hydro. With the hull balanced at the rear of the sponsons, measured weight at the strut should be less than 1lb. Adjust strut and Turn Fin as necessary. Don’t forget to open up scoop at top of cowl so the motor can breathe. Additional openings can be made to increase airflow as necessary.