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CNC Boat Rack System


Take a look at our CNC Furniture Grade Birch

Boat Rack System with optional Accessories.

Available to fit any budget.



System is designed to be totally modular, easy to install,

and equally easy to remove if you'd need use of your trailer for hauling other items,

ie, furniture, ATV's, motorcycles, etc...

The Boat Rack and optional accessories mount to the trailer wall by hanging/keying onto

1/2" emt electrical conduit. (please note photos). This system is tried and true,

having been used for several local and cross country trips totaling 1000's of miles to date.

By mounting conduit to outside wall of trailer, you have the ability to hang rack or accessories outside

while at the pond, which frees up valuable table space in your Pit area.

You can also move racks from trailer to your garage or shop storage area as well.




Five Boat Rack ~ CNC Parts Only ~ $119.95 plus S/H

Five Boat Rack with Hardware (all screws, washers & nuts) ~ $134.95 plus S/H

Five Boat Rack ~ Complete (hardware & cut, pre-drilled dowels) ~ $169.95 plus S/H

Note: A Five Boat Rack can be cut into a Three/Two or Four/One configuration


Three Boat Rack ~ CNC Parts Only ~ $79.95 plus S/H

Three Boat Rack with Hardware (all screws, washers & nuts) ~ $89.95 plus S/H

Three Boat Rack ~ Complete (hardware & cut, pre-drilled dowels) ~ $110.95 plus S/H


We also have available a Vertical Rigger Rack,  CNC Boat Stand,

Paper Towel Holder, Fuel Can Holder and Trash Bag Holder.

Ask for options and pricing.



(Click  to request pictures and pricing)