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Hurricane Mono Set-Up


Revised 12.19.2017

Thanks for giving us the opportunity to bring you to the winner’s circle.

The Hurricane Mono is race proven and this is the set-up that has worked well for us and is what we recommend. 

Please read all of the instructions before starting any assembly.


Engine placement: Measuring from the inside of the transom to the center of the carburetor on a Zenoah, Tiger King or RCMK S-254, mount the engine at 14” to 14 ¼”. Also mount the engine as low in the hull as you can get it. We recommend Hyper-Torque style DROP mounts.


Fuel Tank tray: Measure 21" to 22" from the inside of the transom to the tank tray and mount as low as possible.


Strut placement: We have been running the Speedmaster Gas Stinger strut, but the new Insane Strut works well also. Mount the strut directly in the middle of the transom with the strut bracket 1/16” to 1/8” above the bottom of the hull. We also recommend shortening the strut 1/2" (especially for Nitro motor use).


Rudder Placement: I draw a vertical line on the transom at the middle of the hull. I then measure 2 ½” to the right and draw a second line. This becomes the rudder line. I measure from the bottom of the hull up the rudder line 1 ¾” and draw a horizontal line 90 degrees to the rudder line. Using the Speedmaster 6" stand-off, dual straight or dual tapered rudder, center the hole in the rudder bracket on your horizontal line. This is where you want your pushrod to exit your transom. This will also put your rudder at the correct depth to make your boat handle great through the turns.


Trim Tab placement: We recommend and use Speedmaster’s 4 individual trim tabs that measure 1 ½ X 1 ½”. The inside trim tabs will go as close to the stinger bracket as you can get and still be able to move the stinger up and down. The outside trim tabs will go 1” out from the inner tabs.


Turn Fin: Mount your turn fin 90 degrees from the bottom of the hull as far out on the right side as you can get without going out past the chine (where the bottom and side of the hull meet) If you plan to race in an offshore event where a left hand turn will be part of the course, repeat this on the left side of the hull.


Center of gravity: With fuel in the boat and a radio box installed the center of gravity should end up at around 13 ½” to 13 ¾” from the outside of the transom.


Let’s get it all trimmed up now….
Always use a straight edge when making trim tab or strut adjustments. Hold a straight edge flat on the keel of the boat and let it extend back past the transom under the stinger strut. Adjust your strut with about 1 degree of negative in it. Move your ruler under each of the inside trim tabs and set them parallel to the bottom of the hull. I mount my trim tabs about 1/32” up from the bottom of the hull so you should have 1/32 clearance from front to back on each of the inside trim tabs. On the outside trim tabs, I put about 1 degree of negative in them. Basically I have about 1/32” clearance between the tab and the ruler at the transom and the end of the tab just touches the ruler at the trailing edge of the tab. If you run your hull with these settings, you should be real close to how you want to race the boat. If the boat runs light on the water, use the stinger by adjusting it down a little to fix this. If it runs wet, again use the stinger and adjust it up some. Always, run the inside tabs parallel to the hull and use the stinger for adjusting ride height.