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Herzog Racing Products 


Hurricane Classic Thunderboat

Available in White, Black, Red, Yellow,

Orange, Green & Blue (or any combination).

Four Distinct Styles to Choose from



Category I Hurricane Classic Thunderboat


 Hull Only  (Style 1-4) ~ $399.00 plus S/H

Replacement cowls (rear or front) ~ $60.00 plus S/H



Category II Hurricane Classic Thunderboat

With Basic Hardware Package.


Hull (Style 1-4), Transom Hardware & Turn Fin ~ $525.00 plus S/H



Category III Hurricane Classic Thunderboat

With Complete Hardware Package.

(everything except Motor, Radio, Battery & Prop)


Hull (Style 1-4) & All Hardware (un-assembled)  $849.00 plus S/H



Category IV Hurricane Classic Thunderboat

Almost Ready-to-Run.


Category III (assembled) ~ $1099.00 plus S/H



Category V Hurricane Classic Thunderboat

It's what we bring to the pond to race the competition with.


Category IV with Motor & Tuned Pipe 

~ Email for Pricing