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Herzog Racing Products 


Category I Typhoon Mono
Blow away your toughest competition!

Available in White, Black, Red, Yellow,

Orange, Green, Lt Blue, Med Blue, Purple or Pink (or any combination).

Order with or without Cowl.



 Hull Only  ~ $335.00 plus S/H

Hull & Cowl ~ $350.00 plus S/H

    Replacement Hatch ~ $55.00 plus S/H 


Category II Typhoon Mono
With Basic Hardware Package.


Hull, Transom Hardware  & T-Bar ~ $560.00 plus S/H


Hull & Cowl, Transom Hardware  & T-Bar ~ $575.00 plus S/H


Category III Typhoon Mono
With Complete Hardware Package.

(everything except Motor, Radio, Battery & Prop)


Hull, All Hardware (un-assembled) ~ $885.00 plus S/H 

Hull & Cowl, All Hardware (un-assembled) ~ $900.00 plus S/H 


Category IV Typhoon Mono
Almost Ready-to-Run.


Category III Hull (assembled) ~ $1135.00 plus S/H

Category III Hull & Cowl (assembled) ~ $1150.00 plus S/H


Category V Typhoon Mono
This is as big and as bad as it gets.

It's what we bring to the pond to race the competition with.


Category IV with Modified Motor & Tuned Pipe ~ Email for Pricing